Unapologetic Love for the Holidays

Twin Infants. So Helpful.

I think this is the apex of Roan’s ability to think magically. He still is buying the Santa story, choosing to gloss over the flying reindeer part and the fact that we do not have a chimney. Many of his friends have both feet out of the story, and I’d say the majority of them are standing on the fence.

But this tenuous relationship with magic and reality seems to only be pushing him to enjoy Christmas and its traditions all the more. Roan was literally unable to wait to get a tree, couldn’t stand the absence of decoration on our fence, and has been compiling a list of requests for a while now. The Christmas list is a particularly powerful piece for him, with its implied supernatural power of willing gifts to our family with no cost. He keeps asking me urgently what I want. That he’ll add it to his list, nudge nudge wink wink, and get Santa to foot the bill.

Tiny Smitty

I feel so lucky to be immersed in his magic. And Roan is showering it on his brothers as well, explaining to them each piece, each story, with the twins nodding and understanding nothing except that they love the sound of their big brother’s voice. And that suddenly shiny things are everywhere.

I’m one of the fools who loves this season and all of the garish things that go along with it. Unapologetically. Brashly. Loudly. Happily. How about you?

Early Morning Magic

9 thoughts on “Unapologetic Love for the Holidays

  1. Love it, love it, love it!

    I especially love boys who choose to keep the magic of Santa in their lives for as long as possible. My oldest believed till he was eleven, the middle one was a firm believer until his aunt popped his bubble at 12 years old, and my 5-year old just spent a long time talking to the mall santa yesterday- questioning his authenticity because of a fake beard (hello- everyone knows santa’s beard is real!)
    I’ve had so much fun keeping up the illusion for all these years!

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all that jazz!

  2. The early morning picture is breathtaking. We, too, having a believing 8 year old. I would say she is a believer with problems. She knows the Santas around town are not the REAL Santa and has asked once or twice if Santa is real afterall to which Joe and I just say we believe and change the subject. But this is it for her, I’m afraid. The last year of the magic. I’m going to try and pause an extra moment or two to savor the this snapshot of life. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I am a 46 year old, hard-core secular-scientist who so believes in Santa that I still put out cookies, milk, and of course carrots for the reindeer. I look up to the sky on Christmas Eve in hopes that I might just catch a glimpse of the sleigh. I listen to all of the Christmas songs, even the horribly saccharin sweet ones. I walk around the mall with an idiotic smile as I admire all of the garish (sp) decorations. I sometimes even stand in that horribly long line just to sit on Santa’s lap. SO yes I also love this holiday season unapologetically.

  4. Bare butt baby by the tree? LOVE IT! My 10-year old is trying so desperately hard to believe against the odds… and I’ll do anything to keep that innocent magic going on for as long as I possibly can! As they get older (like with my 16-yr old) I give allow them into my secret world of keeping the magic alive. They become my allies. *Also, to Laura, above: we’ve explained as there is only one REAL Santa – but that if only he were to go to the malls, etc., only a small amount of children would only ever be able to see him in real life, so he has helpers… the secret is, you never know if you’re getting the real Santa or a helper Santa — and so they have to figure it out. Thanks to the AMAZING Santa taking a break at our local Burger King back in 2006 they still believe he was the real deal! And they happened to be the only kids in the place, so that added to the wonder and the magic!

  5. When are the Calls going to get their own mail-order catalogue, Home decor/fashion magazine, TV show and tour bus so they can roll around the country in rock style and show everyone how stupendously cute they are????? I want you to campaign for president and then headline at Coachella. Who’s with me?

  6. I too love the holidays – this year my work schedule has been, shall we say, a bit overwhelming, so blog reading (sadly) was one of the things that went by the wayside. Tonight it was time to catch up – my tree is lit, a lovely CD of Concordia University Chicago’s choir is playing, and I am finishing up with dipping pretzel rods in chocolate, then rolling them in sprinkles, and have cookies baking. It may be the 20th already, but by golly, I have finally made it to holiday enjoyment! Throw in the fact that my youngest is home from college and we are all together and I am a happy camper. Your photos of your boys are lovely, and added greatly to my “holiday cheer” tonight!

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