Bragging Rights. Please Bear With Me.

Just to be clear, because this all could be taken the wrong way, I am entirely enamored with my sons because of their sweet funny smells, the goofy light in their eyes, the unending list of ways they need me, and the way their arms fit exactly perfectly on my body in a hugging situation.

Their looks, regardless of if you think they’re beautiful or just plain funny looking, are of little concern to me.


There is something that makes me smile when I see them in a catalogue or on a retail chain wall. It’s just so crazy to see my ragtag crew out in the public forum. So. Unapologetically (sort of…did that kind of smack of being apologetic…?) I’m sharing Smitty’s latest and greatest conquest, Dwell Studio Catalogue. First: I love this line, and have for years. Second: Smith had the time of his life being shot for this. He was in a giggling mood, and they caught that silly kid. I received this in the mail yesterday and just couldn’t love it more (Smitty scored the back cover, as well as a smattering of inside shots – I’m dying):

Dwell Studio Catalogue

I'm pretty sure Roan taught him this pose

And not to be outdone, the Roan + Sheppard photo shoot for H&M is still rolling, as are the sightings. I received this email from Jesse in Denmark (the land of my people!) last night. I LOVE GETTING THESE. Roan digs it the most when he gets emails from around the world. It’s like a dream come true for a kid. So thank you to everyone who has sent me sightings – and keep them coming. You’re bringing many smiles to this family.

Hi there,

I love reading your blog (It’s real!) so I thought I would send this along.  I saw your post about your son’s modeling for H&M and the subsequent find in Tokyo.  Thought he’d be excited to see that he is also sprucing up the walls at the H&M in Copenhagen, Denmark!



Sheppard + Roan in Denmark.

7 thoughts on “Bragging Rights. Please Bear With Me.

  1. Your kids are going to love these when they get older. Don’t apologize! It’s great for them to have these things where they can look at them in the future. A proud mom is nothing to be ashamed of. Looking forward to seeing where else your sons turn up.

  2. Um. I think my husband is going to take you out. Dwell is having a sale. That means I’m saving money, right?

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