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If I could be all be honest here, I would just admit that in my wee little-girl heart I’d have appreciated the opportunity to create a baby girl for one pure reason. Girl’s clothes are much much much more fun then boy’s clothes. The bows and ruffles, combined with the occasional tank-girl spike or skeleton or biker boot or off-the-rails cute pattern? I mean. Come on. And the boys get….

a football

or a baseball

or a funny-face rhino/lion/other cartoonishly masculine-type animal.


There are exceptions. As luck would have it, the boys I have invented are living in a time where Garanimals are not our only option. For every ten amazing lines that specialize in girl’s clothing, there is one amazing line that gets the boy’s right.  And lucky me, I know who they are. In my ongoing quest to assist my most fashionable and style-conscious  son Roan in his mission to keep the world cool, I want you  to know about the clothing line called Tea.

Full on truth: Tea has been one of my favorite lines to dress my boys in for years. The shirts are stupid soft, and I mean that in the smartest way possible. The pants fit like a dream and have thus far withstood rigorous crawling, falling and rolling. And my little-Jodi-girl heart is satiated because these are pieces that get my “awwwww….so cute…..” going. The girl’s clothes are equally adorable. Maybe even more adorable. But let’s speak more of boys, yes?

From the colors Tea uses, to the basic cool stripe patterns, I’m pretty sure everyone would dig this line. The details kill me. I cannot even begin to describe how cute the pin-stripe pants are on little Smitty – he looks like such a gentleman. And the reinforced knee area is just what Sheppard  (a.k.a. “Tank”) needs while perfecting his swagger. I would guess that you could choose any piece from any collection, wrap it and give it to your pickiest friend-with-a-baby and emerge a hero gift giver.

Really. I mean it. And so:

Happy Holidays Readers! Tea has agreed to give a $100 gift card to one of you. They have something amazing for your little guys – baby through big kid (up to size 12), and also have a women’s line if you want to keep it for yourself (or give it to your special lady friend). Ok ok ok I give in – they also have the most amazing girl’s clothes. So let’s keep this easy. I love the idea of someone winning this who really wants to win. So you can enter  daily for the next two weeks, in a bunch of ways. If that’s your style – get to it. If you wanna roll the dice only once, baby that’s cool and get to it this one time. (I’m using this new sweepstakes format below. Seems cool. Tell me if you hate it.)

(I am not being paid for this review – but Tea was most excellent enough to send outfits for the boys! Like what you see? Check out their site and find some for you + yours!)

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