2012, Hello.

Happy 2012!

Oh Hi!

I know I’m a little lame-o for ending 2011 with no final post, no well wishes and safe admonitions. That’s because my friends, I am utterly unprepared to plan ahead that much. I thought I would do some epic last post, something with video and a soundtrack and fancy word-wrangling but as it turned out I instead ate a whole bunch of food and hung out with my family. I know you understand.

There was a lot of this

The holidays were awesome of course. Kellene and her entire family came to NYC. This trip was made possible by the good folks at Appaman, who let the somewhat large Kellene clan crash at their home while they were off in paradise. We also got to take care of their dog, Party Hat. I nominate Party Hat for best dog name ever. There were activities planned every day and night and so don’t let anyone ever tell you that large Mormon families do not know how to party because party they did.

Party Hat! (In front of our tree, before Sheppard knocked it down with his high chair. So predictable.)

As I am essentially tethered to my neighborhood for the next two years by two babies, I was mostly a spectator, high-fiving my family on their way in and out of each adventure. I did get to go to a performance of “Traces” with them however, which was pretty exciting. It’s a show where a young, extremely fit, and totally talented cast throw their bodies around each other in impossible ways. I do believe in the past I would have simply taken it all in, absolutely amused, and decided on which member of the cast I would date, given the chance. But the tell-tale sign of my age and status in life was clear in my overwhelming urge to ask them all to stop doing such dangerous things because I was truly worried about their safety.

These boys will not be allowed to join the cast of "Traces".

I’m so totally lame. Yet I can crack myself up to no end…as I photo-bombed my niece’s picture with one of the cast members who we stalked/followed into a Bodega outside of the performance. He’s deadly handsome, she’s super cute, and the Auntie in the background? Lame! But funny! (?) This picture made me laugh for a full five minutes. Join me. Laugh at me. I’m the dumbest.

Beauty and the Dumb

New Year’s Eve was spent with Roan, Anson and me taking a low-key dinner together at a local restaurant. We all wrote on napkins what our hopes were for the upcoming year. I guess I’ve arrived at a zen-state, where all my hopes seem static. All I can seem to hope for is health and well-being of my family. The worry that I need other things has disappeared over the years. I’m not so enlightened that I don’t want certain luxuries and such, but they’re not what I hope for.

Hope + Anchor, Roan + Me, New Year's Eve 2011

So what about you? How were your holidays? What are your new hopes? Plans for change? Resolutions to keep things the same? Isn’t the world supposed to end soon? That’s a broad spectrum of questioning to get some feedback – talk to me.

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5 thoughts on “2012, Hello.

  1. We had an equally busy season. So happy to see you back on the radar, and yes the world is ending.

  2. I’m a fan of the photo-bomb. I remember the first time I went to a concert and realized the performers could be my children. That was kind of a sad day for me. I didn’t find myself concerned for their safety so perhaps I’m not as far gone as you. Happy New Year, Pistol.

  3. I’ve resolved to stop being so unkind to myself. Stopping the way I think about my body, and instead appreciating that is healthy. Happy 2012!

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