Fan-Girl Mother in Brooklyn Forces Son Into Circus Act

A few days ago, as I was playing with all my boys at the park after picking Roan up from school, I (shockingly!) was outnumbered and suddenly outwitted by my mischievous imp, Smitty. He had climbed up the plastic red slide, lost his footing, and was free-falling onto the ground. I saw it happening, but had no hope of fixing the inevitable conclusion.

And then, a hero.

Some guy swooped in and not only righted Smith back onto the slide, he caught the boy who Smith was knocking off the slide. It was superhero style, and I was impressed. And I was grateful. And I was….wha??? Hang on, hold the phone, step back, and shut the front door….could that hero be….why yes it was. It was him!

I have an uncanny knack for recognizing faces. Not everyone’s face, mind you. No no no I keep it as superficial as possible and somehow am able to catalogue the face of celebrities and performers. I match them up with names with my mighty brain power, and presto! I’m the funnest to walk around NYC with because I recognize every would-be star and every actual star. I don’t know why I can do this, but can not remember the names of my own children sometimes. (I accidentally called Smith “Mecha” today, which was a dog I had years ago. Hmmmmmm.) But it does amuse me and usually whomever is with me. Hey…there’s Al Franken! Hey….there’s Jon Stewart. Hey…there’s Gavin MacLeod (Hi Captain Stubing!) On and on and on.

So. My hero – after saving the babies, I looked at his face, did the math, and realized he was one of the stars of “Traces“, a show I saw early in January and wrote about here. This show is insane and if I try to describe it I will not do it justice – so, just check out their promo clip here:

Right? So the hero – ok, his “real” name is Mason – poor Mason, is now recognized by cuckoo Brooklyn mom (me!) and I’m all….”You’re that guy! From that show! Traces!” And Mason? Could not have been a nicer dude. He agreed that yes, he was that guy! From that show! Traces! And his girlfriend, who was babysitting the playmate of Smith + Sheppard graciously allowed me to be the dumbest Fan-Girl for the next little bit. With me using the word “Amazing” probably no less than one-thousand times in the rest of our conversation, and stars burning holes in my eyes, I finally asked Mason if I could get a picture of him. Holding the babes. You know, to show my sisters. And duh, you! Readers! To show you!

Sheppard possibly has a future in the circus.

Mason offered to throw Sheppard around instead. And in the entire world, there is not another person I would say “Yes please!” to on that, but “Yes please!” it was. I mean, this is what he does. He throws people and catches people. Usually the people are adult size so I’m guessing he could actually throw both babies around but I didn’t actually suggest that. Had he suggested it….I probably would have said….yes….

Did I mention I’m a little Fan-Girl-ish?

Embarrassing but true. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite New York story thus far. It’s a teeny tiny world I live in here – we’re all so close to each other that it’s inevitable that we’ll bump into our heroes at some point. I didn’t know he was my hero during the show, though I’ll admit Mason’s likeness to Anson did make me sort of crush on him the littlest bit. So here’s Mason Ames, superstar hero, Anson doppelgänger, and performer in a show I couldn’t recommend any higher to all my friends and family (go see it! Really!!), throwing a hysterical and happy Sheppard in the air.

3 thoughts on “Fan-Girl Mother in Brooklyn Forces Son Into Circus Act

  1. Hysterical! I can’t believe you ran into him and even recognized him! Must have been the context of falling bodies. Love the picture. Scary, but love it.

  2. I’ve seen this show. One thousand amazings doesn’t even begin to describe it. I would have been way too shy to say anything to Mason. Great thing you did, and got a picture to brag on. Lucky!

  3. WOW. Sorry we missed this particular encore. Honestly I have to admit that Traces was more entertaining to me than was Wicked.

    Take good care of those boys with all the help
    you can get Jodi!
    Love to all your family

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