I’m not one to get all excited over new things to do on my phone (yes I am) and I’m almost exactly two years late on this. Which by the way totally makes sense because two years ago I was busy building two babies at once. (I’ve been told that I can use “twins” as an excuse for pretty much everything from my weight to flakiness to neediness to uncoolness for the next five years. Wonderful.) So. Instagram. I am your newest addict.

I have been resisting getting on board with the latest social media hot shot sites. Because for reals, my time has been sucked up enough by Facebook and Twitter and various blogs. So, Pinterest, I am resisting you. Google+, I am resisting you. Twitter, I am slowly quitting you. But Instagram? I love you. For anyone who is lame-o like me and hasn’t really gotten on board the Instagram train yet, let me break it down. It’s simply a site where you load pictures, with a caption or not. You can crop and re-size, and there are a few filters you can choose – not an overwhelming amount – and they give your photos a nice finished gloss that in the past has made you wonder how your friends get their pictures to look so good while yours look so….homegrown. And everything is down from your phone, super duper easy. Here are some examples of my photos before and after using an Instagram filter:

My Backyard - before

My Backyard - after

Roan on 9th + 36th - before

Roan on 9th + 36th - after

Empire New Yorker - before

Empire New Yorker - after

Smitty + Shepz - before

Smitty + Shepz - after

Right? Ok – so I’m new at this and am not the most awesomest photographer-ess ever, but I love getting these pics. And that’s it – you just have the chance to look at your friend’s photo feeds, they look at yours. They can “like” your photo, or add comments. But the sweet thing is that there is no need to come up with clever, amusing, bright or brilliant statements about what you’re doing. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to make riding the bus sound interesting. But a photo of what’s happening on the bus? Sometimes – very compelling.

Roan and Me on the B61 Bus

I have not been paid or contacted by Instagram, by the way. I am just their newest fan. If you’re on Instagram, let me know who you are and I’d love to follow you. I think it’s a great way for me to connect with people who might read me. And feel free to follow me – my user name is PistolsPopcorn. Obviously – expect many many many pictures of my boys and Brooklyn. I do love to share this world.

6 thoughts on “Instagram-Mania

  1. I’m on Instagram as RedKate, not that I have that many pictures and, up until now, I didn’t realize they were getting posted on the internet! Duh.

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