So, It Was My Birthday

Yes, I'm six.

My birthday was this past Thursday. I’m a person that loves to celebrate things, and I do not shy away from being treated in a super-special way. Fortunately, my team of boys is well-equipped and up to the task. All week, Roan was asking me what I wanted. If I could have anything, what would I want? Oh geez well I can’t help but give the standard mom answer – a card. Something homemade, with sentiment and words. And that’s the truth that’s what I want. His little-boy hand to draw something and put down something that I’ll look back on in five or ten or twenty years and begin to weep because boohoo he’s all grown up.

Little did I know that Roan and his father had already purchased a present for me from Tiffany & Co., and this constant asking was part of a clever ruse to throw me off the scent of my fancy-pants bauble. I’m not sure when it began, but Anson loves shopping for me there. There is something iconic about the blue box and white ribbon, and the delicate necklaces that come out of them. But this year, Roan put his own spin on it, and wrapped the iconic blue box in his own hand-made creation which is my new favorite blue box:

You'd never guess the other side is Lucky Charms

After I was properly presented and caked up, we moved on with the birthday treatment. I had foot baths and foot rubs. I had hugs and kisses and Thai food and opportunities to sleep in. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the entire day with my three sons, playing in the park and reading books. It was my kind of day.

My brother even got in on the birthday treatment action. As a celebrity on the fast track to superstardom, Elden (“Fatty” to those who know him through his celebrity) was given the chance to have a walk-on role for the television show “Leverage”. Knowing that my bro was going to be hanging out with Timothy Hutton, my first star-crush of all time (ok ok ok ok my FIRST was actually Donny Osmond but that just feels so shameful, and reveals some information about what makes me tick that I actually don’t want to look at so moving on…) I expressed my jealousy at his good luck. Big Fatty Brother then sent me this picture, and made my day:

Timothy Hutton holding up a picture of ME. Yowza.


That got quite the reaction from me. So much so that Anson kind of put a limit on how much I could look/talk/squeal about it after a while, birthday or no.

And as the weekend was reaching perfection, I found out that MoMA’s PS1 was hosting a Kraftwerk Music Festival. Being an Electronic Music Geek from way back and for so long, I was intrigued. When I found out that Juan Atkins, the super awesome founding father of Techno would be the DJ there, I was even considering going. I’ve sold so many of his albums, back in the day when I owned a record store and made my living off of throwing parties. It was so long ago – but I’m still so impressed with him. And when I realized they had planned it at exactly the time of day I can recreate without falling asleep – 3:00 until 6:00, I made my plan to go.

That would be, 3:00 – 6:00 in the afternoon, mind you. The old me, from twenty years ago, would definitely need that clarification. And she – the old me, from twenty years ago – would give me the thumbs up for getting my ancient booty on down for the show.

Juan Atkins, and Robots

It was awesome. I went alone, and felt absolutely at home. I danced for a good three hours, and recognized probably 80% of what he played. It was as if I were in my 20’s again – not really caring who was looking, not needing to take care of anyone, smiling and living in my own world. And then it was over, and as I walked out, still in the daylight, I received this picture on my phone:


I just couldn’t get home fast enough. As much fun as it was, as therapeutic as it was, as nostalgic as it was, visiting my 20’s for an afternoon only made me realize how much I have now, in my forties. This life has gotten better and happier and more fulfilling than I ever thought it would. And while those olden days of capricious youth are sweet to look back on, this time right now, with my family as it is, is more than I ever thought I could have. Happy Birthday, for sure.

8 thoughts on “So, It Was My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, momma!!!! This was such a great post and made me stop, take a breath, thank the stars and miss my boys. xxoo

  2. SQUEEEE! Timothy Hutton!! Oh, he was THE guy for me back in the day (are we the same age? I’ll be 44 in a month)! I LOVE the Tiffany & Co. box from Roan – LOVE it. Your whole day just sounds perfect. Happy birthday, Jodi.

  3. What a GREAT birthday! And it always makes me so very happy to see someone get the family they always wanted – and appreciate the road it took to get there. (Still on my road, so it gives me hope.) : )

  4. WOW! That Timothy Hutton shot made me freak out for a minute…can’t imagine if it’s YOU he’s holding up next to his handsome face. (psst. I loved Donny Osmond first too, then the Bee Gees. Eek. Barry mostly.) Looks like you had the swellest birthday ever. Strangely enough, I had the opportunity to party away for my recent 40th to an evening of Prince/Purple Rain tunes. It was amazing in the moment, and more amazing to come back to real life. I think I’m having more fun than Apollonia these days. Sorry, Apollonia.

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