If You Have 2 Minutes to Spare

I’m drowning in waiting for my Insurance Company and the team of Health Care Professionals to get me some information – still.  There has been a crazy-making cluster of people telling me different things: adding tests, reinterpreting tests, making ominous statements and terrifying deadlines, and honestly, I’ve fallen apart more than once in total frustration.  So.  Today, I have to share the thing that made me smile, when really I didn’t think I had any smiles in me.  If you’ve been at all interested in the discussion of Health Care and have a little over 2 minutes, check this out:

18 thoughts on “If You Have 2 Minutes to Spare

  1. I am sorry you are frustrated and having to deal with these crazy people in the health care industry! I can’t see the video at work, I will try it at home! Thanks for sharing though!

  2. I can sympathize. United Healthcare still hasn’t paid for a surgery I had in February…a surgery that they *pre-approved* mind you. Why do we even continue to buy health insurance since they never take care of us when we need it anyway?

  3. If it’s any consolation at all…it is what it is. Those insurance companies and tests are all just spinning, rattling tops. You’re baby IS, and will be. The rest is noise. Eat well, and talk to him, rub on him and focus on who he IS, and who you are, his mother. Life is good.

  4. i’m having issues with insurance, too. but my issue is from the “i can’t afford it, but i’m not poor enough to get it free” front. and it sucks. and there have been tears.

    this whole system is effed up. REAL change needs to happen to make it a smart, viable system that serves the people.

    good luck with your insurance issues. <3

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