Ninja Amy, Ninja Us

My last entry was pretty much a documentation of a provoked temper tantrum I threw on the Brooklyn Bridge, in front of Roan. Two good things came from this post:

  1. On our walk home from school, I told Roan I wrote about the Brooklyn Bridge Big Jerk. Roan asked if any of my readers had commented, and I told him yes, and that pretty much everyone agreed that the Big Jerk was in fact a Big Jerk. Roan raised his eyebrows high and started shaking his head and said, “I bet that guy didn’t know you had a blog or else he wouldn’t have acted like that.” And so far that is the biggest laugh I have had all year. I’ve decided to let Roan believe Pistols is actually all that powerful. Because it’s nice to have a superpower.
  2. The second great thing from that post is that I received a comment from a woman named Amy. It read as follows:

I have MS and am no supporter of the MS Society (as a charity, nearly fifty percent of their fundraising dollars goes to admin. this makes them a business, as far as I care.) That man was a bully using a “good cause” to push his weight around and I personally hope you shamed the whole lot of ‘em. Good on you.


Ok, so actually I have no idea about the integrity of the MS Society, but as far as I’m concerned, if you have MS, you get to have pretty emphatic and passionate opinions about all things MS. So, on that: I’m firmly on Team Amy.

I was curious to find out more about Amy, and since her name was linked to a website, I clicked it. You wouldn’t believe the woman I found. Amy is more than a woman with MS. I could pretend that I’m capable of writing about who she is, but instead I’m going to let her tell you. Watch this. I dare you to watch this and not love Amy.

So, now that we all love Amy, and want her to keep making plans for her future, I have a second dare.

I dare every single person who reads this to donate $5 to Amy’s cause. It’s an amount I feel confident that we can all do. But if you can’t, how about sharing this post? Put the word out. To be even awesomer (Yup partner, I said “awesomer”), do both.

What would happen if our health care was patient-driven rather than profit-driven? I cannot imagine. But maybe – if Amy gets her way – maybe she can show us what would happen. I cannot help but love a woman who doesn’t shrink down and accept defeat. She instead is going Ninja, with all of us support ninjas behind her (and in front and next to her). Right? Seriously. Give $5, more if you want. And then let’s watch this Amy stand tall as a warrior and take a chance on something that would change her life drastically. And change her children’s lives. And maybe other people, who also have MS. Maybe someone in your family. Maybe even you.

I just cannot think of a better way to spend $5. And maybe after all, Roan could be right. Pistols could be powerful in the way he thinks. But only using our power for good.

Paypal or credit card here, or click here to get an address to send a check to.

13 thoughts on “Ninja Amy, Ninja Us

  1. Go Amy Go! As soon as I’m employed again, I’m gonna donate my $5. In the meantime, I’m fighting to change the face of health care in the US! My son was disallowed experimental treatments for his lymphoma and died. It lit a fire in me to help other people facing disease and illness access the resources ($, info, support) they need to live healthy, thriving lives. Sounds like you have the right idea, Amy. So good to see people self-advocating for what they truly deserve. Health care is a human right!!! I’ll be following your progress 🙂

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