Monkey Bar Challenge

It’s no secret that I adore love worship Appaman. Their clothes are my everything. Dripping with style and cool, I have yet to see a piece that I wouldn’t gobble up. Plus this little vintage model shoot from years ago when Roan was but a wee young lad still makes my heart boom boom bang bang :

Bang Bang

Boom Boom

But those are just clothes.

The adore love worship part comes from the fact that the owners are basically the coolest people on the planet. Lynn and Harald and my homies for life, the people I would give a BFF heart pendant to if I were into that type of thing (duh, you all know I’m totally into that type of thing). So beyond their awesome clothes are their giant altruistic hearts which keep on finding ways to make the world better. And I’m all for a better world, particularly if it includes monkey bars. You?

I’m asking my readers to join me in the Appaman Monkey Bar Challenge. It’s for fun. And it helps fight cancer. Ok? Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Register here. Appaman is asking that you pledge $25 to the cause to get in on the fun. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. 100% of your commitment will be celebrated by Appaman, your children and your friends.
  2. Get your swag kit in the mail from Appaman.
  3. Get on those Monkey Bars, dude!! You have until Labor Day to challenge yourself to be as dexterous and deft as your children. Think you can go backwards? Try it. Think you can still skip-a-bar? Show me.
  4. Labor Day is go time. Send a video of yourself on the bars, in your Appaman glory. You could possibly get a movie deal out of this. I mean, Appaman didn’t say that, but I’m just trying to Pistols + Popcorn this thing up. You could also become a rockstar out of this. To your kids, anyway.
  5. If you’ll let me, I’ll post videos of my reader’s entries here. I can’t wait. But I call skip-a-bar. That’s my jam, ok? Don’t copy me.

Do this!! Great cause, good fun, and maybe possibly probably you’ll get a couple of bigger muscles from it. And also callouses. Awesome. Are you in? Say yes. And can you do one more thing for me? Spread the word. Tell your girlfriends. Get them in on it. Share this post. Let’s start something together here! As Lynn says, “Game on Sisters!”

3 thoughts on “Monkey Bar Challenge

  1. what’s the male equivalent to this? dads piling into a public restroom and trying to overflow all the toilets at the same time? girls were so much more normal.

  2. Hey Jodi,

    Just registered and posted it on my facebook. It will be nice for this old body to have a goal especially as I prepare to send my baby girl off to college!! Thanks for pointing us to this fun event.

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