Smitty Loses his Mind

My children are always happy and cheerful.

“Welcome to the twos! It lasts for about three years!”

This is the response I got from my ever-supportive friends Lola and Kara when I told them that sweet little impish ray-of-sunshine slice-of-heaven Smitty totally lost his mind last night. And I do mean totally lost it. Here’s a little word snapshot: Smith, face red, nose runny, tear streaks down his cheeks, sitting in his high chair last night with his body trying to go horizontal in what is decidedly a vertically designed chair. Screaming. Catching his breath. Then screaming again. But louder. Mostly angry because I’m trying to feed him pizza, which he loves – I could have been offering him anything: ice-cream, chocolate whatever. Kid was so beyond himself that I just had to rotate his chair towards the wall so I could just feed Sheppard who was taking advantage of the moment by being an angel. He was smiling and showing his dimples and making cute mimicking noises of Smitty’s distress.

Roan did not approve of my facing-Smitty-towards-the-wall tactics. He kept asking if he could get Smitty out of his chair and I kept saying “no.” I don’t know why. Mostly because I was afraid that there would be blood. That Smith would devour Roan and spit out his bones, despite his older brother’s advantage in size and agility. Smith was off the rails. Dangerous baby. I needed them both to live.

After coaxing a few bites into little crazy-pants, and getting a meal into his twin brother, I dipped them both in the bath (Smith still screaming, except when he would forget how mad he was and smile or laugh only to launch into an angry song again), hurriedly slapped some PJ’s on them, and retired them to the tranquility of their cages…er….cribs. Which is all Smitty wanted anyway. He was tired. Easy as that.

This is what is happening because my dudes are switching up from two naps a day to just one. And guess what? I’m doing it right. I’m following all the advice and guidelines and whatnot, but these are the results. My Smitty is overtaxed and doesn’t know how to contain that so he explodes. Shepz is a bit heartier, so he can manage it. But this switch in the schedule, which is about 2 weeks in the making so far is kind of rocking their world. Still, it’s the right thing to do, the right time to do it and we will be ok. After all, we all survived sleep training, no? What’s a little schedule-tweaking?

After I got the boys down (and I may or may not have whispered to Shepz on his way into the crib that he was my favorite twin on this day. What?) after I got them down I had enough stress and adrenaline running through my body to totally hijack and transform my normal collapse on the couch into an undeniable and absolutely unquestionable need to run. Anson had arrived home while the boys were on their way to dreamland, so I threw on my gear, plugged in a playlist my friend Toby made me, and got out into the world.

And it was good.

Things I saw.....

...while I ran.

The air was cold, the light was amazing, there were a few rain showers and the soundtrack was exquisite. By the time I got home I was practically levitating. Usually I have a hard time running in the evening. My energy is pretty low, and my need to chill is pretty high. But this? I’m just announcing that if this is actually a preview of my boys being two, and this two-ness lasts for a few years, prepare to see this Pistol ready to run marathons and triathlons and the like. Running helps me decompress. What do you do?

7 thoughts on “Smitty Loses his Mind

  1. Probably won’t get me into any marathons, but what do I do? I drink. Perhaps I should take up running. And don’t worry, our “twos” only lasted about 1 1/2 years.

  2. To decompress I ;
    Take it out on the house (clean the s*%{ out of it)

    Play drawsomething (Toby’s on there too) it totally relieves my stress and sometimes ‘zones me out’

    Cruise through pintrest

    Read my friend Jodi’s so well written blog 😉

  3. How cruel that two year-olds, on top of all the other trials they face, must also give up that second nap. Yes, he’s bitterly miserable. Yes, if he could grasp the concept of blame, you’d get some. Yes, he will get through it and so will you. And the stories you get to tell about the most terrible two-year-old are far funnier than the-other-one-was-a-trooper tales. Smith says, you’re welcome, Mom. Happy to be of service.

  4. My little one who is a few months younger than yours said STRIKE to her afternoon nap and is threatening to boycott her morning one. Which sends me into panic mode; sometimes I feel like twitching on the floor and giving up when she won’t just sleep like she needs to. I just try to read her better–sometimes she NEEDS that afternoon nap and even though she won’t go down right away, I try to coax her into it. I feel ya though. My normally sweet child turns into a bear, with claws and everything. And she has learned the word NO.

    I decompress by reading. I’ve been flying through books lately because it seems to be the only thing that will calm my nerves. Oh, and booze. Mmm, beer. We don’t get tv out in these parts or you bet I’d be watchin’ some trashy tv.

  5. I’ve got 2 kids, now 15 and 7 years, and I let them transition out of naps on their own. If they wanted to sleep, they slept – even if it was during dinner and that meant a late night before bed. Did I do it wrong? Was I supposed to entice them to give up the naps? My 15 year old gave up naps way too early for my liking, taking one nap from 2-3 years old and no naps at 3 years old. My 7 year old was still at one nap, a short one, until he started kindergarten, and probably would’ve continued that except school interfered. I guess I’m thinking every kid is different and has different sleep needs. Maybe your melty one still needs 2 naps?

  6. Hi Jodi,

    I have been reading your blog for awhile, a mutual friend turned me into it. -I’m from the SLC & knew you a little many moons ago. 🙂 Anyway, I’m just a couple months into my first pregnancy & already have sleep training on the brain. (My best friend’s one year old reinforces the concept every time I see her mom struggling to get her to sleep without her.) I’ve researched some & am a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Was there a particular book or author that helped you get off on the right foot with your boys? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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