Taking Roan to Kaskade’s “Freaks of Nature” Concert

Ryan + me. Pre-show, and he's cool as can be.

My friend Ryan, who has gained a larger-than-life fan base of ardent followers for the music he creates as Kaskade, had a concert scheduled in Brooklyn over this past weekend. While I am a friend, I am also a fan, but I wasn’t planning on going because basically I don’t plan on going to anything, ever. It’s kind of funny/sad that it doesn’t even occur to me that, hey. I should go see my friend perform because how cool is it that he’s got thousands upon thousands of people dying to see him? Why don’t I scoot on out of my house and get my arse on down to MCU Stadium to show some love and support?

Yeh, that didn’t occur to me until I got a text saying, hey. Come to my concert, numbskull. Or something to that effect.

It was family friendly, and didn’t go too late, and Ryan’s whole family was going to be there, as well as another friend of ours from my olden days and his family so I said hey. I’m in.

But not only me. I was bringing the boys. (Not the smallest ones because they don’t respect authority yet and I fear they would end up in toddler jail for gatecrashing. Just the big 8-year-old one and the husband one because they sort of respect authority but more importantly, they just make me look good.)

Roan + Me - watching. Ok, maybe he took a short snooze.

Right off the subway at our destination I could tell this was going to be a party. There were Kaskade-bound kids everywhere. They were all dressed up in the ways that my friends and I used to dress when we were ready to throw down for the night. Bright colors, great shoes, lots of glitter, a few fairy wings, glow sticks, but mostly just an absolute buzz in the air of excitement. It made me smile and love them all – Roan was mesmerized and possibly a little jealous that he hadn’t gone all-out in his ensemble.

We got to the stadium and the line to get in was EPIC. We skipped it (Yay! Friendship has perks!) and met up with our people at the tour bus. We were all given passes and tickets and led through the catacombs of the arena, and I couldn’t help but feel that I was in that scene from Spinal Tap where they get lost trying to find the stage. Twisting hallways that last forever. Ridiculous. We met up with Ryan and after big hugs hello and an introduction to my cool son Roan, we headed up to our suite where we’d watch his show.

Anson being told what's what by his friends' daughters.

Ryan had about 45 minutes before he went on, so we were able to talk and hang out and it was a blast. Roan couldn’t believe all the people filing in to see the show – watching an arena fill up from above is pretty cool. And there he was, eating ┬áchips and salsa with the performer. Ro started taking pictures for his newly activated Instagram account, while Anson and I caught up with our old friends (while Nightline was filming everything. That’s weird). Ryan’s wife Naomi couldn’t be any more awesome. For the Freaks of Nature tour he’s doing this summer (something like 50 shows – what?!), she’s agreed to accompany him – along with their three daughters. The oldest one is Roan’s age, the youngest, just a little older than Shep + Smitty. I just cannot imagine being that much woman, able to be adaptive enough to go from place to place with kids. Seriously, she’s possessing a superpower. Also, she looks really good doing it. I know. It’d be hard not to hate her if I didn’t love her so much.

Roan. Fireworks. Kaskade. Awesome.

The show was hugely amazing. The visuals were awesome and actually we Brooklyn folks got an extra treat because there was a fireworks show happening at the same time, which corresponded perfectly with his light show. The sound and energy and love from Ryan’s crowd kept giving me chills. He, my friend, has created such an experience for his fans – and he adores his people. After the show we hung out a little longer, but it was getting “late” (by my standards – heh – but it was only like 11:30) and I needed to get my body home. After securing an autograph for our friend’s son who missed the show, we bailed. Ryan and his family were about to leave (as soon as the groupies stopped swarming the tour bus) and head to Montreal, where he’d be performing the next night.

Ryan signing a mug for our neighbor Alejandro. Poor Alejandro missed the show.

I couldn’t have been happier to introduce Roan to concerts than with this. Of course – next time he wants to go see someone it’s going to be sort of a bummer to have to wait in line, be in a crowd, and not eat the band’s food, but with any luck, some more of my friends will hurry up and get famous. Yes, I’m talking to you.

What the After Party looks like at my house.

7 thoughts on “Taking Roan to Kaskade’s “Freaks of Nature” Concert

  1. No fair. My first concert was REO Speedwagon I’m not even kidding. My parents took me but we were so far back that I couldn’t see anything, and didn’t like their music anyway. I remember the smell of beer and cigarettes, not fireworks and salsa. I’m asking for a redo of childhood, this time with you as my mother.

  2. Oh lucky Roan! This is the kind of thing he’ll remember forever. Looks like so much fun. Also, I love Kaskade. How do you know him?

  3. dude. DUDE. first show is a flippin’ ravetastic electronic extravaganza? that’s AWESOME. i have some serious envy going on right now, lol.

  4. What a great night! I’m going to the same concert (without my wife and kids) in Atlanta in July. Going there for business, and missed the show here in NYC. All the stars aligned, as they say. Thanks for the preview!

  5. Just found out that he’ll be in my hood in August – now I need to get tickets!! Amazing talent.

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