Know What I Love About Summer?

Anson, Smith, Roan, Sheppard and Me.

In the Summer I turn into the person that maybe I am most meant to be. I wear sunscreen but my freckles come out anyway. I wear less clothing than I would ever dare at any other time of year, and there’s no way make-up is even trying to make an appearance. Lots of times I have sand in my hair, and I pretty much exist off fresh berries and cold water. I try to keep away from schedules (other than a rigidly constructed sleep schedule for the wee young ones, obviously) and try to say “Yes!” to as many requests that come my way from Roan.

Toddler Yoga. Very Zen.

If I weren’t so happy in Brooklyn, I would have to live on the beach. But luckily,┬áthere are amazing beaches minutes away. Which I understand most people don’t believe, but I’ve got the grains of sand and seashells to prove it. There is something about water, wind, sun and sand that make an ocean day absolutely fulfilling. My only plan for this Summer is to get there as many times as possible. And with Smith and Shepz warming up to all the weird sensations the beach brings, I think I may have two more water warriors in the making. Roan is an addict already, like his mom. All of my happiest childhood memories were on a beach. Anson and I got married on the beach. Hopefully I’ll die on the beach. (Not for another 60 years though please).

Finding Mom's toes.

Just like the rest of my life, the simple things work for me. Big plans stress me out, I’m not built in a way that benefits from them. I can’t handle summer camps, classes, memberships, or grand vacations. Just a little sunscreen, sand, shovels, a blanket and snacks. As long as my boys are around, this is perfection.

3 thoughts on “Know What I Love About Summer?

  1. Here, here. I just got back from a BIG vacation with my entire family in the Pacific Northwest. It. Was. Utterly. Exhausting. I now need another vacation to recuperate from the first. My favorite part of the vacation- lounging on the beach. I want more beach, please.

  2. I love the beach too. Something about the waves and the calming feeling they bring. Can’t really catch that from any other place.

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