What Can You Do? Easy. You Can Help.

When my boys are sick, I move everything around in my life to make them feel totally and absolutely taken care of. As a child, I almost enjoyed being sick, because of how my mother would care for me. I think it’s a sweet thing, to be able to lavish total comfort on a child who needs his mom or dad or brother or sister – it’s one of those few times you know you’re doing exactly what they need.

Obviously, if I couldn’t take care of my boys when they were sick – if there wasn’t the correct medicine, if there were no movies, if I couldn’t feed them Popsicles and build up pillows and blankets to ridiculous heights – if I couldn’t make them feel better and promise they’d be well within a few days, I don’t really know how I would cope. And we all know there are parents in the world who have that situation. There are kids who are sick, and they are loved desperately by their parents, and they cannot be promised that health is right around the corner. So those parents need help – from their family, from their friends, from us.

I have a reader named Gillian who is determined to help her friend, who has a little girl with a disease called Cystinosis. Here’s part of an email I received:

Thus, we have my November Endeavor – to run the Pensacola Marathon, and in so doing raise at least $2000 for cystinosis.  Years ago, a very dear friend and former running partner of mine gave birth to the sweetest blue-eyed girl you’ve ever seen, a little girl who remains tiny and ill due to the vicious effects of this terrible disease.  I don’t know much about cystinosis – all I know is that her body produces cystine crystals which collect in her eyes and kidneys, compromising her eyesight (already, at 5, she is struggling with this), and likely making her first kidney failure occur at around puberty, at which point she will need a transplant.  I have a 4 year old and 2 year old myself, and . . . well, you’re a parent.  You know.

Yeh I do. I’m hoping you know, too.

This is one thing I will never hesitate to do – to put the word out that there is some good you can do. Because good is good. Good for those helped, and really good for those who do the helping. There are so few times in life you can be certain that you’re doing the right thing, but hey – here’s one of them.

To donate to Gillian’s cause, to help out a little 5 year-old girl, and to let her parents know they’ve got a team of people they don’t know behind them – click here and give what you can. I know, I’m broke too. But still. Some things are worth stretching for. Click here for Gillian’s Causes Page.

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  1. This is so amazing. Thank you so much for spreading the word to your readership – every penny helps, and I know Jim and Jenni, even as they struggle with Josie’s illness, are lifted up by the daily support they get from friends, family, and even total strangers.

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