Running with My Son

This past weekend, I convinced Roan to go on a run with me. I have actually been waiting for this day forever. EVER. Normally I’m a person who likes to run alone. I like to listen to music and not have to keep up or slow down for anyone. I like the solitude of not speaking and not listening to anyone speak. I love being alone surrounded by New York City and her inhabitants, feeling like it’s me vs. them.

But I have been really wanting Roan to join me.

I’ve written about how much I love to run. I’ve always thought it would be a thing Roan would love too. But until yesterday, I didn’t realize he was ready. When he accepted my invitation I felt like Christmas candy. It felt that good. And when we actually went, it was even better.

We each got our headphones and playlists. I listened to a runners mix from my friend Toby, and Roan listened to – what else – Korean pop. (For the record, he was into K-Pop way before Psy and Gangam Style came crashing through.) I had gone running the day before, so I felt good about going nice and slow for Roan’s sake. Ha. I had to ask the boy to slow down more than once. Old mom.

Found this mural - not shown is the other twin from the "Shining" as well as Jack Nicholson's character. Creepy. Cool.

We ran along the sidewalks of a not all that pretty part of Brooklyn. I let Roan choose our path and we happened upon some great buildings and creepy murals I’ve never noticed before. Anytime Roan (I) needed a break we’d walk for a block, pull out our earphones, and talk. If he wanted to catch his breath for longer, he’d really talk to me. About things that were interesting to him. And that just captivated me. He’d put his music back on, find a favorite song and shoot off ahead of me running like he meant it.

At the end of our run we went and found Anson at the park, playing with Sheppy + Smitty. This day – a perfect gorgeous Autumn day – just couldn’t have been any better. Roan said he’d like to go running with me every weekend. I do believe I have a new running partner, world. So now it’s Roan + Me vs. NYC. Watchout.

6 thoughts on “Running with My Son

  1. It is so great when your kids will join you and participate happily in the things you love!
    If you need advice on shoes…contact Kasey! I think she has had every type out there!
    Have fun!!!

  2. Tried this last weekend with my darling. Complete opposite experience than the one you describe here. Ran for 2 minutes. Had to stop. Basically drug her for the next mile while whining that she was never doing this with me again. Of course I didn’t let her bring her headphones because we were going to do all this heart to heart-ing. You win the cool mom award. Again.

  3. I remember the first time my dad invited me to go along with him on one of his “outings”. His wasn’t running, but fishing. I loved it then and still love it. I wonder if part of my love for it is the fact that he introduced me to his “thing”. I made it my thing. Great for you, great for your son. Good job mom.

  4. LOVE. And thank you for showing me how to do it right. I would totally do what Laura above did and she’d hate it. This weekend: me + oldest = woohoo!

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