Sing Along With Smitty + Shepz

Anson has gone to sunny posh LA for work and I’m here in NYC with the rain/snow and the wind. I’m feeling a bit slighted in the shakedown of roles we play right now.  Anyway, it pretty much sucks while he’s gone, because he’s sort of the good time in this house. Make no mistake, everything would burn to ash and scatter into the wind if I left for ten days. But without the good-time dude here, there are definitely less smiles. Also more post-kids-gone-to-bed Gossip Girl viewings but let’s not admit too much, huh? So I present you with a clip from his last day in town: a morning where clothing was optional, coffee was flowing, an Aerobed was the toy-du-jour, and the Smitty + Shep show was on full blast. (Never you mind about the messy house. Just ignore that part.) Clearly, Dora the Explorer is on heavy rotation here, as well as Scooby Doo, and Batman punctuates damn near everything.

2 thoughts on “Sing Along With Smitty + Shepz

  1. Several of my kids used to do the “Oh Man!” which I don’t even realize I say. Guess I’m not the only one feeding lines to the underaged. 🙂 Beyond cute!

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