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I want to share the newsletter from Twiniversity, a nationwide community based here in NYC made up of (surprise!) families with twins. Or triplets. Or even more-lets. Natalie Diaz runs this show, and she is easily one of the most powerful and huge-hearted women I have ever met.

Nat became aware of a Brooklyn family who had recently moved to Connecticut, and subsequently lost their young son in the shootings last Friday. His twin sister survived. For those (like me) who cannot take one more sad story, this is born from sadness but more than that – shows that for every one violent act, there are thousands of people ready to counter it with love. That’s something to get us through the day, yeh?

I can’t believe it. We did it. We raised OVER $5,000 in less then 11 hours. We will have a tree and plaque in New York City’s Central Park to honor Noah Pozner, the twin boy who lost his life in the Newtown shootings.

We are still collecting funds. Future money (above the $5,000) will go directly into a trust that the family has set up for his surviving siblings, including his twin sister Arielle. If you would like to donate you can visit

We are so pleased that Twiniversity could organize this. Now, there will be a tree in an iconic New York City landmark (where the family is from), visited by millions upon millions of people a year, in honor of this young soul. The shade that the tree provides will comfort many. I hope this thought brings peace to the family in a small way. The Central Park Conservancy has also agreed to allow us to choose a tree in the area where the Manhattan Twins Club has their annual picnic. This will give our local club a chance to watch it grow and be enjoyed by hundreds of sets of twins each year.

I also have some unexpected, but very welcome news. Jay Stallard, brother of Jodi Call (twin mom and blogger of Pistols and Popcorn:, has agreed to MATCH our tree fund. Jay thought it was important that another tree grow along side the one we are dedicating, so they can grow together.

Jay, our ENTIRE community thanks you. This is an outstanding gesture and our community is overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness.

We hope this news has brought a tiny glimmer of light to this very dark time. Thank you so much for your donations and support.

My sincere regards,
Natalie Diaz
Founder of Twiniversity and Mom to Anna and Johnny 8 years old.

Obviously a big thank you to Jay. He’s a person I have identified as a brother since early High School, as he spent a good amount at my home, sometimes living with us, sometimes just torturing me. But his generosity and kindness have floored me on this day. And that’s the kind of thing that I really, really needed to have happen at this time. I needed – and am guessing all of us need – something good.

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