What’s This? Helllloooo 2010!

New Look

Along with loving me, Anson also loves things that are well placed and beautiful.  There was an incident one Easter regarding a hidden egg, and how it wasn’t necessarily placed in the most beautiful way upon the bathtub ledge, which he endured ridicule by me as he nuanced the egg’s placement.  I’m not kidding.  As you may well imagine, Anson’s sensibilities have finally had it with the slap-shot way my site has looked since its inception. Over the holidays he spent hours and hours, and also carved three new lines on his forehead from squinting to give me this new and improved specimen.  There are tweaks that cannot be un-tweaked in some cases, so please just endure old posts where things don’t line up exactly right.  My old platform was basically a sadistic archaic mean-spirited thing, which we will not speak of.  It’s just too soon.  I look forward to writing a post detailing the last week of the year, and all the Fat Cyclist hijinx, but for now, let’s just enjoy this new look together.  That’s it….settle in and enjoy.

P.S. Programming note to my Email Subscribers – we couldn’t figure out how to transfer your subscription, so you won’t be emailed with my new posts, unless you subscribe to the new RSS feed (See it?  Just up there up top?).  Sorry and thank you and also, sorry.  OK. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “What’s This? Helllloooo 2010!

  1. Wow I love it! What a cool way to bring all the new positive energy in. Anson is a God.

  2. glad you’re back and happy new year! just read fatty’s account of his trip and it sounds like you all had a blast. looking forward to your version 🙂

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