Burning It Down

So. I started thinking about shutting Pistols + Popcorn down. Nothing has happened that I’m unhappy with, but there are a few things that bug me. Mostly all the PR pitches I get. Now, I could come across as self-important by saying that – I mean it comes across as sort of…”Oh, look at me I’m so important that all these companies want to partner up with me! ME! Yes, M-E!”

"Hey Pistols? Yeh, it's Popcorn..."

"Oi! I told you not to call me here!"

But it’s not like that. I know that all the corporations in the world have figured out that word-of-mouth is the best bet for their advertising dollar, and what’s more word-of-mouth than a Mommy Blog? Trusted and true. So they go after us, even if their product has nothing to do with our audience. It’s obvious that they don’t read the blog, most of the time, and then this sort of yucky “We LOVE what you do you will LOVE what we do and your readers will be GRATEFUL for the introduction” type of thing I keep getting. That’s probably why it grosses me out. I just don’t want to use my sons and our stories to sell stuff. That’s not why you stick with me, that’s not what you’re here for. And that’s definitely not why I’m here. Each email I get asking me to do it makes me a little more aware of all the advertising happening here, on the sidelines, and I’m just not down with it anymore.

What will we do without the millions of dollars of revenue she made?

I want to keep writing, and I want to keep it real. So I’m turning this into a commerce-free site, starting next week. I’m going to redesign this site (and when I say “I’m going to” obviously I mean “Anson is going to”) and reclaim all the real estate that has belonged to advertisers and big ultra-business. I’m burning it down to the ground where it’s just me and mine. And all of my readers are invited to hang with us, here in the ashes.

I suppose we will live off of juice sippy cups and love

I think I’m going to enjoy this place a lot more. Hopefully you will too. I will not accept anything to review, unless it’s a service actually provided by a friend, or a reader. Someone who really actually is invested here and wants to share something with me. And something I would actually talk about with friends. So pardon the quiet for just a little while, and come back in a few. Hopefully you’ll like what you see.

20 thoughts on “Burning It Down

  1. Aw, you just keep being true to your vision. It’s a good vision!

    Also? Will you please review my babysitting services soon?

  2. As usual, you are my blog goddess. Somehow I get dozens of emails to advertise and I see no light at the end of the blog tunnel and I have country road traffic compared to you! But, I am thrilled you will keep your brilliant writing on high. Cannot wait to read it up!


  3. I have never commented before, but this deserved one. Thank you. Just thank you. I am so annoyed when I see sponsored posts on all my favorite blogs- they just sound so phony and seem greedy. Thanks for giving me a place where I don’t have to worry about that.

  4. Certainly works for me! I know I will come to visit, as always! I come FIRST AND FOREMOST for your writing, Jodi! Love your “call” on the world around you! Go for it!

  5. Came here from Elden’s blog. I have been reading him since the beginning and came to you when Roan was but a wee lad. Don’t post, kinda let the mommies have it and i waste enough of Elden’s and his friend Dug’s time that it would just get (more) creepy if i tried to torture the whole family with my nonsense.

    Seeing you and the joy and trials of raising a family is so similar to my girlfriend and our raising of her son who is 16 now. Would hate to see you stop, i very much enjoy your insight, humor and just overall keepin’ it real outlook on life.

    I’ve sent your blog to quite a few friends and i hope that they still enjoy popping in from time to time. I haven’t missed one in years and would hate to see it stop.

    Glad you’ve found a way to make it work for you.

    Thanks for letting me ramble.


  6. Jod-iah – appreciate you continuing to share the fun of your family. It’s been 15 years… it was a great time in my life and I enjoy keeping up with how you are.
    cheers, Mika

  7. You are so rad!
    You are so punk rock!
    I almost wrote pink rock. ha!
    You are every color of the rainbow rock!

  8. Hi there,
    I just stumbled across this site and love it. I’m a new mom of twins and sometimes, feel like I’m loosing my mind. It is nice to know other twin mom’s out there share similar views and challenges with life and love of children and the world around them. You keep on doing what you do. It is great for my heart and soul (and keeping our children first), so thank you.


  9. I am seeing more and more from bloggers who are getting sick and tired of the PR they’ve been dealing with on their blogs and are turning them back in to something wholly organic and real. Busting off that annoying sidebar, taking it to the streets and saying ‘This is MINE! Get lost!’ It reaffirms my reasons, going on nearly 7 years now that I’ve never wanted my site to be anything but purely me.

    I look forward to your re-design, and new direction and focus. I love coming here so much and I’m so glad you’re not shutting it down. 🙂

  10. I will be coming back for the Phoenix version…get it , burning it down…rising back up….Phoenix…ha.
    Anyway, yes, blow out the PR ‘stuff’ and bring it back to you and the ‘family’..looking forward to it.

  11. Hi, Jodi, thanks for the invitation. I have my marshmallow on a stick, awaiting what comes next.

    As been said for a couple generations, but so few of us actually get to do without burning bridges, please, “Stick it to the Man.”

  12. Well now this is a coincidence.

    My dog just explained to me that I’ve misapprehended a common expression for years. Apparently, “you go girl” is an exhortation of encouragement and not as I had assumed a spokesperson for an unsuccessful automobile: “Yugo Girl.”

    He says it seemed like a good time to tell me given your decision to eschew advertising.

    Ordinarily, I don’t believe half the stuff he says, but just in case he’s right this time: you go girl.

  13. Hi Jodi:
    Love the new format, happy you are still telling you tale. I have a subject I would love to see you write about (I hope I am not putting worry in your head). Do you worry about two boys looking alike and having and “odd man out” syndome. I wonder if it is something that you think about?
    happy thursday~

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