Friday Night Party

Friday night, and the bass is turned up loud. Old school speakers thumping House, heavily influenced from Chicago, and the crowd is jumping. Literally, jumping. As a siren squeals in the song, voices start mimicking the sound and it’s almost too much….until the breakdown. All eyes turn towards the disco ball in the corner, reflecting a clean white light and creating irresistible reflective bubbles all around the dark room. A sweet-faced boy with killer moves and an obviously cared-about look smiles at me and offers me a lollipop. It’s my third of the night, but I take it anyway. After all, it’s the weekend. And I wouldn’t want to turn him down.

Casa Call Club on a Friday night.

Casa Call Club on a Friday night.

Two more boys, shirtless, run around maniacally chasing each other. Laughing and dancing, like they’ve been waiting for this night all week. Without a thought as to who is watching them, they sing along with the song, “I Love Yoooooooo”, louder and louder. They don’t stop until one falls down clutching his belly from laughing too hard and rolling around on the cushions on the floor. Also, he is wearing no pants. Neither is the other boy for that matter. There is a lollipop stuck to the cheek of his bum.

On the list. Knows the DJ.

On the list. Knows the DJ.

A handsome man stands next to me in the doorway where I’ve been watching the party with a beer in my hand. He clicks my drink with his, throws his arm around my shoulder and whispers into my ear, “Did you ever imagine? When we met that thisĀ would happen?”

Masking tape streamers. Dad's fun idea/safety hazard.

Masking tape streamers. Dad’s fun idea/safety hazard.

Nope I didn’t. When I met him in a nightclub fourteen years ago, I had no idea we could create this chaotic hysterical awesome party family together. Our Friday nights are spent in much the same atmosphere they were back then. Music, dancing, celebrating the end of the week. The nights end earlier, with less regret but usually more broken things and bubble bath water splashed everywhere. I feel bad for anyone who feels that having a family is boring or holds them back. The family is the party. Masking tape streamers, an awesome playlist, and kids who can step one two – coolest Friday nights on Earth.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Party

  1. The coolest thing is that you KNOW the family IS the party! Good for you! Not everybody gets this fundamental truth! You have three LUCKY boys!

  2. Jodi,
    Been following your blog for a while, now, hiding in the shadows of the lurky-lurks. I am not a mother so do not read specifically for your mommentary (oh god please tell me I made that up… suuuuuper doubtful), so much as for your whimsical, eloquent prose. Your blog is the most accessible, unpretentious, truly lovely personal writing I have found on the internet. Funny without overreaching, sincere and emotional without ever broaching mawkishness, even your pictures are all at once simple yet stunning.

    Just wanted to leave a note to thank you for sharing all that you have. I’ve adored reading it, and hope you get the same satisfaction out of writing it. Thanks a lot, and keep up the beautiful work!

    (PS – we’ve probably run by one another at least a handful of times on these bridges, if you’re still doing that? I’m out most days, so if you are, too, then it’s very likely!)

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