Facebook Weirdo Claims My Kids. Bah.

My 3 sons. MINE.

My 3 sons. MINE.

I’m a pretty optimistic person, the kind that doesn’t really sweat the “what if’s” in every circumstance. So while I know that my kids’ pics could be seen by bazillions of people, I also know that they probably won’t be, because there is so much information, so many images, so many people out there also adding to the noise of the internet that I stand out very little. I’m cool with that. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to worry about public opinion. I write because I’d like my sons to be able to check out their childhoods online. Really, that’s it. If it’s helpful to anyone else, that’s a huge plus. If it’s funny to other people, a big ego boost. But my drive is to do this for my family. It’s our journal.

But my zen approach to this was tested about two weeks ago, when I received this email:

 I thought you might want to know that someone on FB has stolen a bunch of picture of your twins and is passing them off as his adopted twins “Levi and Louis”. I don’t know for what purpose since the profile is mostly private, but you can see the profile here in case you want to report it:



I thought maybe it was some weird scam or prank or trick, but it wasn’t. Some guy has a Facebook profile, with pictures of Smith and Sheppard in a photo album, posing as his adopted twin boys.

Creeper Creepy McCreepster

Creeper Creepy McCreepster

Immediately I went into combat mode and was going to find him, and….say something really mean! ha. Ok, my combat mode isn’t all that fierce. I did all the things a person can do to try to report it, all with no results. The pictures are still up, and he has not responded to my requests to take them down. Facebook has denied all my attempts to shut his account down. I’ve messaged his friends, with no response.

And you know what?

I figured out it didn’t matter, actually. I mean, it’s creepy as creepy can be. I can’t figure out why he would do it, but then again there’s a lot of stuff on the planet I cannot figure out. So I’ve added it to the things I do not understand. It’s kind of a big list.

A few friends have suggested I try to be more private with my pictures, that I be more careful about what I write. It would probably be a good idea, but that’s not the way I roll. I’m as careful and protective as I can be in this world, without caving to anxiety over the stuff I can’t control. I love sharing my boys with my online friends and family. I learn from telling our stories. And I have just recently started visiting older stories with Roan – ones we had both forgotten. The stories have pictures of us together, growing up and changing. They are here, on my site. On our family’s site. It’s valuable to me, in a way that could never be captured any way else.

I mean, how could I stop posting stuff like this? It’s too much. Must share.

Straw glasses. Classic.

Straw glasses. Classic.

Smitty + Shep in their finest Appaman duds.

Smitty + Shep in their finest Appaman duds.



23 thoughts on “Facebook Weirdo Claims My Kids. Bah.

  1. I also get the grief that my blog and facebook are oversharing and potentially exposing my children to unacceptable risk. What I always try to remind these people as that this act of sharing innocuous pictures and occasional cute stories comes with a (very small) cost and risk, but accompanying that risk is a huge benefit. Through social media I have been mentored in my job by fellow lawyer moms I’ve met online, and gotten really awesome parenting advice and kudos as well. I am supported by these people, and blogging and facebooking facilitates that in a way that the phone or paper letters never could. There are other people invested in my children and their well-being – if it takes a village to raise a child (I believe it does), my village is HUGE and spans the globe. Some of these friends are total strangers I’ve “met” online, but the group also includes distant friends who I rarely see, and who would be out of my life without fb and blogging. We don’t have to hold onto every friendship we ever make, but when you find a badass girlfriend you kinda want to keep her, right? Even though she lives in Portland and you live in New Orleans.

    This is mega creepy. But I highly doubt it poses any threat to you and your boys. I cannot imagine how it would. He (or she) just wants some kind of funky attention and pretending to be an adoptive parent in an imaginary world gets him there. Meanwhile, you’ve raised money for friends, raised awareness of countless issues, and made thousands of totally normal people become madly in love with your family and invested in its well being. That trade off is totally cool, in my book, and one I myself would make again. I’m glad you feel the same.

  2. i have no words. I can’t imagine the purpose that person has. I do follow Kelly’s Korner and someone did that to her kids and she now puts some sort of copyright across the pictures.

  3. How creepy for you, and also how sad that a man has created a fictitious life for himself. You are taking the right approach. However, a copyright watermark wouldn’t hurt either.

  4. So creepy….but what is creepier is that there seems to be another facebooker that has claimed your kids as well – Go look at Matilda James. She has named them Lucus and Sergio. She is consequently a friend (possibly just another personality) of the creepy Craig James.

  5. Scrolling through his alleged photo album, the boys aren’t the first to be his “adopted” sons.

  6. saw the other child he “adopted”. wonder who that child really belongs with. Strange people to do what they have done.

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