Auditions, Photo Shoots and Brownies

My Zoolander, from the Appaman Fall/Winter 2010 collection

There are a myriad of ways I can think of to screw up my kid’s childhood.  I could be an absent parent, I could be over-involved.  I could be oppressive suppressive or repressive.  I could push him to fulfill the dreams I had for myself, the ones I couldn’t get around to doing on my own.  I could over-share about him on a blog (*ahem*).  And with these things in mind, I can barely just barely mask my excitement at Roan being invited to audition for an Adam Sandler movie.  I mean – I would have totally lost my mind over something like that as a kid.  And Roan?  After initially being Mr. Cool about it, is now kind of on fire about it.  My friend Anna over at Mommy Poppins put the word out that they were casting for this movie here in our town of NYC, so I emailed a few shots of Roan from his Appaman photo shoot to the casting agency.  Now – I’ve never gone to casting agent school, I’ve not ever been to an audition and I’ve not even watched Living Lohan so I don’t really know how these things work.  But suddenly an invite, a script, a time and date landed in my inbox and my wahoooooo we’re on our way.

But first my head jumped to Macaulay Culkin.  I thought about Lindsay Lohan and Gary Coleman.  I wondered why I would even get Roan near an industry that turns out these types of disasters.  But as my sister Kellene pointed out,  it’s the kind of opportunity that will likely not fall from the sky again.  We should check it out, and see if it’s a good fit for Roan.  And he’s proud about it.  He got the attention he lives for from his cousin Emmie as she worked with him on the script over the weekend.  He snuck the script into his book bag today before school, and I caught him reading it silently while I was visiting his classroom this morning.  So I’m taking him to the audition tomorrow, and hoping that he knows how proud I am of him for being brave enough to get through it.

I think the chances are beyond slim that he could land the part.  My boy has no experience being a performer, other than the occasional dramatic put-on when negotiating for something he wants.  But luckily he doesn’t really have an awareness yet of getting chosen or rejected.  He enjoys the chase, as the end.  Roan went to a casting call for Mini Boden (a clothing company) over the weekend, and after they snapped a few test pictures and video of him, he told me that he loved that photo shoot.   He feels so confident and capable, and I love how that shines from him.

So.  Tomorrow, a movie audition followed by a Mommy-Roan date of hot cocoa and brownies in Greenwich Village.  I do not even have the words to say how much fun life is with this kid.  Lucky and Loved.

7 thoughts on “Auditions, Photo Shoots and Brownies

  1. Good luck to Roan, knock em’ dead!!! I think, by way of reading faithfully, that you are a great mom to Roan and he is lucky to have such an involved parent!

  2. As someone who also has no experience in any of these things, I will say that I have the utmost faith in Roan’s cuteness, charm and charisma. And if he doesn’t get the part, he will have a great story to tell. What a fun thing to do, what a lucky boy to get to do it with his mom!

  3. That’s a great opportunity, whether he achieves it or not. It’s good to be on fire for something.

    I’m so glad I discovered that you hadn’t fallen off the planet. My Reader was so silent on your spot and it never occurred to me to click over to see if anything was really happening that the ol’ Google wasn’t picking up. Maybe I ought to do that to a few of my other silent sites.

    Disney looked wonderful. Esp. the unplugged part.

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