Sick Day Quickie


Another quick and dirty post because Roan is totally giving me the stink-eye for being on the computer.  He would prefer that I watch him watch semi-inappropriate Japanese Anime (current favorite: XXXHolic.  Believe me, I’m well aware that the title would lead you to think it’s a show only a freaky freak would look at, in private.  But it’s actually a pretty beautiful and only subtly wrong show that has captured my boy’s heart.)

So Roan had a fever Sunday night and we rested on Monday.  Tuesday he rallied and we went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab with Roan’s homie, Sachin.  This place is great, and it is free.  If you live in or around NYC and have kids it’s a destination, for sure.  Plan on spending a few hours, and it’s not ever over crowded as they only let a limited number of people in each day.

But unlucky Roan spiked another fever last night, and is still hot today.  So today is another rest day, full of TV, Monopoly and juice.  He is extra cute when he’s sick so there’s that.  And because Roan has just put his head in my lap, I’m outta here.

Appaman Coats!

But I will leave you to ponder the connection between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dressing their kids in a lot of Appaman lately, and these images (scroll down the boys numbers on the right).  Or maybe they saw this?  My feeling is that Brad and Angie were heavily influenced by the little Blondie with the colors in his hair.

And one more thing!  (Oy Roan is seriously practically on top of me.  I can no longer access the right side of my keyboard.)  Tonight is the NY Premier of Shutter Island, the Martin Scorsese film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley and Michelle Williams.  Last year Michelle Williams donated tickets to this premier to my Livestrong Challenge Fundraiser.  I just want to say to the winner, Michelle from Thursday Night Smackdown….I’m still available as a date tonight, and I clean up reeeeeeeeel nice.  I’ve had a pedicure just in case you call.

7 thoughts on “Sick Day Quickie

  1. So where do I get the coats? I’m sold, not by the Jolie Pitts, but by the cute little Blondie with colors in his hair. I am also impressed that Michelle Williams is such a giver. Kudos to her!

  2. I hope Roan feels better!! I definitely think it was the blond boy with colors in his hair that swayed the Jolie-Pitts to buy clothing!

  3. aaaaah poor ro! great pics though! go appaman! i think they should hire you for pr. you make me want to buy their stuff and i don’t even have a kid. that’s weird.

  4. Liza – you can get the coats online, I just googled it and found them at a site called Milkshop. They’re not too hard to find but let me know if you’re looking for something special – or contact them yourself. Essentially the nicest people on the planet own it, and work there.

    Courtney – HA! That’s what I’m saying – Angie and Brad always biting my style….dang….

    Emily – If that’s weird then I’m weird too. I would totally wear every single thing they make!

  5. That movie looks so good, and the book was amazing. I tried to win that contest. I guess I’ll have to just buy a ticket and go. Congratulations to Michelle for winning and Michelle for being in a cool movie. They’re two different Michelle’s, right?

  6. michelle williams was sitting in my row, not three seats away from me. ben kingsley and leonardo dicaprio were a row or two ahead, and mark ruffalo was just behind. all around me were thin pretty people who knew each other and were clearly thinking, “who let THOSE people in?”, even though we were both wearing our fancy pants. i don’t know how we ended up with seats in the sweet spot, but thank you, michelle williams. you’re lovely in person.

    and ben kingsley has a perfectly-shaped skull.

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