Pneumonia Vacation Weeeeee!

We’re on day three of Roan’s Mid-Winter Recess Epic Illness.  I guess it could be called day six since he actually started being sick Sunday night, but I’m going to stick with three because I let him out into the world for a few of those days, and if as his mother, I didn’t notice he was sick, well then partner, that’s just lousy parenting.  I can’t bear the guilt.  So to clarify and so our stories are straight: Roan has been sick since Tuesday night not Sunday, see?  Moving on – the poor kid is pale faced and glassy eyed and has a wicked fever.  At the fever’s height, he reached 104.8 at which point he said that he could do better, make it go higher, and began to wonder outloud how high his friend’s fevers had ever been.  Roan didn’t eat anything yesterday and so maybe his competitive dementia is a combination of starvation + fever.  He began wondering if there were a literal battle, with gunfire and rockets and explosions happening in his body.  A real and true and righteous battle, which would produce a fever.  Stay with me here.  Gun fire on the inside would make a person hot, no? That’s a fever.  So his feverish thought process took him to the final and obvious question any six-year-old would have, “Have any of my friends had a fight like this, or better than this, inside their bodies?”  High score is determined by fever.  So Roan’s personal best: 104.8.

Yeh Yeh Yeh I took a picture in the X-Ray Room. I'm THAT mother. Oy.

I did warn him that a score like that, if it lasts too long, lands us over at the docs office.  Which it did yesterday with a follow-up today.  Some blood work, and a chest X-Ray later, he’s been diagnosed with Pneumonia.  Roan has now ingested his first round of antibiotics, and is sleeping right next to me under three blankets which he demanded through chattering teeth.  He’s been going back and forth between extreme chills and extreme hot.  He’s very confused by this and actually?  I am too.  I haven’t been able to explain why that happens.  I may have to turn to Google here soon.


We’ve watched about one-thousand hours of TV and read through two Junie B. Jones books.  Not the vacation I’d imagined for him, but one where he’s needed me a bunch, and I’ve been happy to be available.  I would trade in the vomiting option of this illness for the non-vomiting option, however.  Tell a friend.  And as I just finished typing that last sentence, the Universe played a little joke on me and Roan sat up from the couch like the girl in “The Exorcist”, and projectile vomited, just like her!  But my boy…I’m adding 200 to his overall score because he hit the bucket which we have strategically placed on the floor.  Whooosh.  Ok, I’m getting all my electronics away from this situation.  Have a great weekend everyone!

11 thoughts on “Pneumonia Vacation Weeeeee!

  1. oof…poor kid. i’ve been there (and was right around his age the first time i remember having it), and it’s no fun.

  2. Oh Honey! Dyl sends a hearty get well soon to his bud Roan, and I’m sending vibes of peace and health your way. He’s not beat that score, but did hit 104.1 once, and his kid sister beat his ass with 104.5 just this past fall. Good times! Here’s hoping you’ve past the crescendo and things right themselves but immediately!

  3. feel better Roan! I hope you all get some rest over the weekend. And don’t feel bad about not realizing he was that sick…as moms we can’t win. Run them to the doctor and they’re fine. Ride it out for a few days and it’s strep throat/pneumonia/etc.

  4. Fainfenix – you remember things from age six? That’s scary cos that means Roan may be keeping track of what I”m doing here…I’m going to have to up my game.

    Toby – Thanks! I miss your bald head.

    Viv – oh man I can’t imagine having to keep up with two kids when one is down. I haven’t even changed my shirt for three days. Ummm…that’s gross. I’m getting off the computer to go change my shirt.

    Mary – that’s the truth! I always struggle with my intuition telling me to get him to the doc, and the worry that I’m over-reacting. This time when I finally called the doc, she was like, “Uh, why haven’t you brought him in yet?” I think in the future I’m going to err on the side of being over-reactive.

  5. Feel better!

    Rx for the parents: go to D’Amico’s and inhale deeply when they are roasting the coffee beans.

  6. First of all, I hope Roan starts feeling better really soon. Secondly, laughed my ass off when you said he sat up like Linda Blair….hahahaha, you are a good Momma:)

  7. Leroy – that’s a great Rx. What’s the street value on that?

    Robin – it is funny in retrospect. But a little disarming at the time. I don’t think I need to watch Horror films anymore. They come to me. In the light of day. When I least expect it…

  8. Jodi – i remember certain things. toys i missed. tv shows i loved. a bee sting when i was 4. things that cause strong reactions (like having a tooth kicked out by my childhood best friend when i was 7, or the two of us cutting our hair off at 5, then getting called a boy at Disney by an “old lady”) get remembered. as long as the kiddo knows you love him, that’s the most important thing he’ll remember. don’t sweat it. 🙂

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