Little Lunalu

There’s a supercool lady by the name of Adina who runs an equally supercool site called Little Lunalu out of exotic and exciting LONDON.  Seriously, I know living in Metropolitan NYC means I shouldn’t be starstruck by an English accent or the coolness of living in the UK, but I just can’t help myself.  I like it, I like it a lot.

Adina has invited me to contribute to her site, and has published my first attempt here.  Check it out.  Little Lunalu has an exciting future coming up.  They’re a children’s site which will be re-launching in March with a new fancy pants look and lots of the coolest items for your kid.  But for now, click here, and please read my entry with a British Accent.

Cheers and Tally Ho!

4 thoughts on “Little Lunalu

  1. Very good, especially when I do it with my British Accent just make the whole post don’t know… More British. Did it with my Canadian accent and it seem excelent also.

  2. i love your post over there, and couldn’t agree more. my son is already right there observing me when i get dressed every morning, and immediately runs to the mirror after i’ve dressed him to approve what i’ve chosen. it’s only a matter of time before he starts doing it all himself, and i can’t wait to see what his selections will be! thanks for shedding light on a subject that seems way too taboo for boys in america

  3. Mark – oooooh the mysterious and elusive Canadian accent? I’m betting that my posts read really amazingly well with that, eh?

    Lori – ok. I know it looks like a ciggy but it’s a lolli. Honest.

    Barbara – so happy to hear that. My boy’s sweet love for the ladies fashions is one of the things I love most about him. What a bummer for parents who get carried away in gender roles…so limiting…

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