Star Date 62315.2

There’s a man named Ken who reads my brother’s blog.  I didn’t ask him if I could use his name, so instead I’m going to call him Kahn.  As in The Wrath of Kahn because I just saw pictures of Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) as Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and he looks great, and “Kahn” sounds a little like “Ken”, who, as I’ve mentioned, reads my brother’s blog.

Kahn has never met anyone from my family,  

but he (and many others) reached out when things started going from good to bad, and from bad to not just bad for Susan and Elden. Kahn used miles he had earned to fly me out to Salt Lake City over the summer when Elden needed a little help.  Kahn is flying me out there once again this weekend, so I can go visit now, because I just really want to see my brother and his family.

There’s another reader named Captain Kirk (You see how I do this?  No reason, really.  I suppose it is because I have the Starship Enterprise tattooed on my ankle, but that’s going to have to be a different entry.)  Captain Kirk emailed me recently asking for any ideas about how to help my brother.  He reads my brother’s blog.  Captain Kirk has never met the Nelsons, but here he is, invested in their world. 

Then there’s this guy Big Mike in Oz who has been reading for years – since Elden began way back when, since when I was known as Errorista on a different blog, and who came back when I started this thing.
  Big Mike always has a comment to leave (which, since you asked, I love.  It is awesome when someone takes the time to give you feedback on what you’ve put out there.  Every comment is a compliment, no matter the content.)  Big Mike is in Oz.  He’s not met us, but he’s known us for years. 

What does it all mean?  I dunno.  I’m just thinking about these people, as I’m getting ready to leave my boys to go visit my brother.  I’m thinking that I know each of them and probably hundreds (thousands?) of others would love to do something to help Elden, Susan and their kids, if they were asked, if they could.  I have a team of friends here in Brooklyn who jumped at the chance to help Anson with Roan while I’m away, each of them touched by what my brother is experiencing.


I’m the lucky one that gets to go, I’m the one that can do a few dishes, maybe some laundry, and if I love them, very little cooking.  I do feel lucky, and thankful.  I’m so happy that the world has been opened up in such a way that strangers can help each other.  I’m so thankful that Elden and Susan are the targets for so much of the help, love, prayers, and hope from so many people. 


So thank you strangers, thank you Trekkies, and thank you friends. 

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