And How Dirty Are You?

Last Friday, I let Roan skip school to go to a casting call my friends over at Planet Awesome Kid hooked up for a Benetton Ad photo shoot.  Roan’s friend Sachin went with us, and I just have to admit one thing.  The weather was much too nice to let them go back to school, even though there was plenty of time.  After such a mean winter, this day with its sun and its flowers blooming and its two boys of summer practically exploding with electricity was too too much to deny.

Breaking the Law

After a quick session with the Benetton folks, we went to Chelsea Market and got a few snacks, then headed over to a park near Chelsea Piers.  Sachin and Roan couldn’t have more excited.  There’s something extra magical that makes everything extra fun when you know you’re getting away with something, no?  Missing school to be at a park = heaven for a six-year-old.  Anson was working just a few blocks away so he snuck off for lunch and joined us at the park which totally made Roan’s day.

We headed back home in time to go teach our kickboxing class (per our verbal contract, Roan is not a student, but an assistant).  We walked Sachin home, and Boone (who also happens to be an assistant in the class) managed to convince us to go to Target and then host a sleepover.  That kid is like a ninja with getting me to say yes to things.  Because I would really never go to Target voluntarily.  He’s dangerous with persuasion.

The following day was a the Planet Awesome Kid event at Milk Studios.  This is where I had my run-in with Brooke Shields that I couldn’t help but write about.  I know, I’m pathetic.  But you know what redeems me?  The fact that I didn’t mention that Beastie Boy Mike D was there, and didn’t even hint that super duper coolness ultrahipstess Agyness Deyn was also making the rounds.  So you know, I’m cool like that, unaffected etc.

Whatever.  I’m lame I can’t help it I love to star spot and tell.  That’s my weakness.  The only one.

And the grand finale was Boone’s Birthday party at the park – with beautiful weather and good friends and three-legged races, (which Emmie figured out how to win), and my favorite thing, frisbee playing with my kidney-challenged nephew, Dallas.


That's Not Cheating, Right?

The weekend took one shower and three baths to finally get all the dirt off of my son’s body, but that to me is a badge of honor.  I believe the amount of dirt on a person is directionally proportionate to how much fun was had.  And makes no mistake, this was one filthy child.

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9 thoughts on “And How Dirty Are You?

  1. actually i am really dirty. and it is because i’ve been having fun, in my garden. you are absolutely correct in your theory of dirt = fun. i love reading about your everyday things with your family. you appreciate each day it seems.

  2. I love how palatable your love for Roan is. I can tell how well a day has gone by how badly a bath is needed before we go to bed. (I love to hear the star spots! Agyness Deyn – OMG!!) 😉

  3. don’t know, might challenge your theory – me and my littlest one are pretty dirty – loads of baby poop round here today – have definitely had more fun – i guess if you don’t count bodily waste and just stick to plain old dirt you might be right

  4. An afternoon of hooky from school is often more beneficial than the time that would have been spent in the classroom!

  5. Emily – are you taunting me with the fact you have a garden? I would love such a thing. Go dig in the dirt – enjoy!

    Danielle – You should have seen the dirt ring in the bathtub. And that was seriously after I had him rinse in the shower first. That was hard proof of fun!

    Kara – Anything out of that girl, including poop, is undeniably cute. I know you have a thing about germs, but you have a dirty heart. But that’s a whole other post…

    dbean – I couldn’t agree more. Luckily Roan’s teacher (whom I really couldn’t love any more) also agrees. She gave a thumbs up and a smile when we admitted our behavior.

    Barbara – will do!

  6. That park in Chelsea is bizarre and, uh, kinda dirty. Do you know what I’m saying? I’m not the only one to notice…?

  7. J.R. – Ha! Well, yes I was talking about something else – but thanks for taking up my double entendre!

    Lori – looks like Old J.R. isn’t the only other kind of dirty. Getcher mind out of the Chelsea gutter…

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