$8.00 and a Bacon-Topped Pizza

I just found this video of Roan – one I do not even remember making.  But it cracked me up to no end.  When I showed it to Roan over the weekend, he laughed and laughed, then became very serious, and told me I was not to post it on my site.

Negotiations began, because I needed to post it.  So after two days of bargaining, I have obtained the rights to put this video out to the world.  It cost me $8.00 and a pizza topped with bacon.  This kid isn’t only cute, he’s totally cut-throat.

It’s only 1 minute and 08 seconds – checkitout!

Now Kiss Me! Please!! from Jodi Call on Vimeo.

21 thoughts on “$8.00 and a Bacon-Topped Pizza

  1. OMG, you will cherish that for.the.rest.of.your.life. I love it! SO worth $8 & a bacon topped pizza! (btw, he has good taste!)

  2. I LOVE that song, and such a great fit for the video. How could Roan not love that?? Little boys and lip gloss. So freaking cute.

  3. I hope he loved that bacon pizza! The video is awesome, so funny. Has the lip gloss come off his face yet?

  4. Oh how I miss that cotton top boy!!!! That is precious. I’m so glad you captured that moment in time. love and miss you!

  5. Danielle – yeh don’t tell him but I probably would have paid upwards of $20. The bacon pizza? His standard order every weekend. After a breakfast of…you guessed it….bacon. My kid is gonna have a heart attack by age 9.

    Emily – Roan went through a phase where lip gloss and chap stick were permanently smeared on his mouth, chin, cheeks. This was obviously shot during that time. Funny little weirdo.

    Tiny – I think there are remnants of that gloss on all of his clothing items from that time. What can I say? My boy loves having supple lips.

    Suz – Aww….thanks. Me too – love that goofy smile.

    Laura – XOXO

    Megan – AWESOME. Roan will be expecting an $8 deposit in his paypal account, and a pizza to be delivered tonight. Bacon-topped. 🙂

  6. I love how long he applies the lip gloss – he’s really much better at it than I am – clearly has more practice – I miss the little boy speech – he’s so grown up now – too cute!

  7. I rake my pizza making very seriously (we have homemade pizza Fridays every week), but for that sweet little boy I’d add bacon to it.

  8. Megan – oh hellz yes I….er….I mean….HE does.

    Robin – HA! What other kind of day could I have?? Love it.

    Maybelles Mom -Yeh I’m thinking I got the deal of the century. In many many ways.

    Kara – He’s really much better at it than I am as well. This is why Roan always double checks me if we’re headed out together. I miss that little Ro speak too – funny kid.

    Jennifer – you’re playing with fire….I may just show up one Friday night. I’ve seen what you can do…

  9. I want to know what brand and color that lipgloss is so I can buy a case, put them in every one of Otto’s jacket pockets and try to reenact that moment of blissful brilliance. Okay, so the cool factor of the New York subway will have to be replaced by a Cheerio-laden back seat of a smog-smeared car on the 101 freeway to mediocre. And by the way, Roan deserves $12 and a plate of hand-rolled gnocchi and maybe even a deep-fried Twinkie for his cooperation. Just saying…

  10. Oh man, soooo cute. I bet he does that when he’s 16 too, but in private, of course. You DID get a killer deal. Bacon+sausage+onion = pizza love.

    Hey Robin, thanks for running with the new greeting! :~)

    Happy Gay May Days all.

  11. Loretta – Well….she’s got just exactly the right amount of tenacity to go and get it. Your girl cracks me up

    Dotty – ummmmmm deep fried twinkie? Did you just look inside my fondest childhood wish? Oh that lip gloss is from CO Bigelow, and it’s a minty flavor, so much the better for kissing. Yum.

    Jilrubia – HAHAHHAHAHA. You’ve really started something beautiful here. My day is in fact quite gay! Hooray!

  12. Jodi, what is that song? I think I woke up with it in my head in the middle of the night last night!

  13. Hey Christine – It’s Scissor Sisters, “Take Your Mama”. Their stuff is crazy infectous, I’m not surprised it worked its way into your brain. I’ve had a few emails asking what the lyrics are so here’s that too:

    When you grow up
    Livin’ like a good boy oughta
    And your mama
    Takes a shine to her best son
    Something different
    All the girls, they seem to like you
    Cause you’re handsome,
    Like to talk, and a whole lot of fun

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