Poetry in the Park


Another field trip under my belt with Roan’s class.  Today we headed to amazing Prospect Park (via school bus and I’m wondering, do they only hire stunt drivers?  I mean, I’m not saying, I’m just saying, and that’s all I’m saying.)  The trip was to get the kids outside, so they could write poems about what their senses were taking in.  Amazingly, Roan’s magical teacher produced a perfectly gorgeous day, and a super-cool rainbow in the sky.

It was a great morning for me.  A sort of break in a lot of mental chatter that’s happening in my head.  There are great big cool and scary and fun and challenging things in store for me in the next little while which I’m under oath not to write about….yet.  But I really do find that being surrounded by these six and seven-year olds, with their mischievous natures and testing boundaries and adoration and love really always just sets my head right.  And hanging with them in the park on this gorgeous day?  Perfection.  To me, this is what perfection looks like:

Sharing poems about rainbows

Writing about a worm he saw, which was cut in half. Still, it's poetry.

Taking it in.

4 thoughts on “Poetry in the Park

  1. I love these pictures of Roan. That last one is hysterical. How many 6 year-old kids meditate? Classic.

  2. This is one of Phin’s favorite poses too. They should go on meditation retreat together, then come home and teach us all about it. Wise beings, they are.

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