Who the? What the? Why the?

Busy? Me? Naaaah....

My name is Jodi Nelson Call, and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I have been an English Teacher in Seoul, a Bartender in Japan, a Substance Abuse Counselor, Record Store Owner, Night Club Operator and Coffee Slinger (not all at once) in Utah, and a Events Promoter, Children’s Room Designer and Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor in New York. I was raised Mormon but have no remaining guilt, and my father only has one wife at a time. I am not related to my husband, who helped me invent our seven-year-old son, Roan.  My latest greatest accomplishment is learning to type one-handed while nursing our new infant twin sons, Smith and Sheppard.  Please don’t try to envision that.

Since I’ve won two awards for this site, I am now a multi-award winning writer.  I won the Bloggies 2009 “Best-Kept Secret Weblog” award (so don’t tell anyone about it), and Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Award for the Best Local Brooklyn Blog.  If you want me to write for you I’d be happy to.  Make me an offer I can’t refuse.  Contact me at jodi@pistolsandpopcorn.com