Part of the Problem

Today I had to make a choice.  It actually wasn’t that hard.  Either write a meaningful post, one which my readers deserve: something well thought out, provocative and educational, or take a nap because my twin boys obviously misunderstood the song “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” and think it’s “No Sleep IN Brooklyn (at night, but of course we’re happy to sleep all day, duh.)

The nap felt great.  I mean, just so luxurious and indulgent.  And so, this picture, and my apologies that instead of creating two human beings who would help solve all the world’s problems, I mistakenly created two humans who have invented a new world problem, one that I fear may become a trend.  I am part of the problem, and Baby-On-Baby Cannibalism is no laughing matter.

There is nothing funny about infant cannibalism. Stop laughing.